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Toddler Sized Bolga Basket - Burnt Orange

Toddler Sized Bolga Basket - Burnt Orange

Made in Ghana
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Not just for toddlers! These cute market baskets are all natural - made by hand from elephant grass and finished off with a goat hide leather handle. 

These little baskets are perfect for storing toys, pretend play, or to store real life food. Bring your little basket to the market so your little one can also join your shopping adventure. 


Reshaping the product. In the event that your basket becomes misshapen, lightly wet  the basket with water and reshape them by hand and allow to air dry in a well ventilated area.

Please regularly inspect your basket and remove any pokey straws by trimming with scissors to avoid potential splinters. 

Dimensions: height (with handle) 20 cm, diameter 21 cm

A Fair Trade product made by artisans from Ghana. 

Note that the leather of each basket can vary slightly. Sizing may also vary due to the handmade nature of the product.