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Our Green Statement

Plastic-Free Commitment

All products under our home decor in-house brand, J’s Rainbows, are crafted from natural materials and delivered to you in plastic-free, recyclable packaging. When it comes to our stationary line whenever plastic is used, we strive to choose products that are reusable, both to extend their lifespan and to protect and display your purchases effectively.

Product selection

We strive to provide the finest natural products for you and your family. On the few occasions when we offer plastic products, it's a decision we don't take lightly. We ensure these items offer unique benefits that their natural alternatives simply can't provide

Shipping Materials

Whenever feasible, we make a point of reusing clean shipping boxes. Protective materials such as air cushions, paper, or bubble wrap, received from our distributors, are also reused to ensure your products are protected during shipment. We are mindful to use packaging that is appropriately sized for your products, to avoid excessive, bulky packaging that necessitates additional protective materials.

We sincerely hope that you'll join us in this mission by reusing your packaging whenever you can.

With gratitude,

-Mama V & Baby J