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Stickers for J - Holographic Sticker, Disco Dinos - Spinosaurus
Stickers for J - Holographic Sticker, Disco Dinos - Spinosaurus
Triceratop stickers with balloons
Flat lay of dino stickers
close up of dinosaur stickers
Stickers for J - Holographic Sticker, Disco Dinos - Spinosaurus

Stickers for J - Holographic Sticker, Disco Dinos - Spinosaurus

J's Rainbows
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1 Die-Cut Dinosaur sticker.

Dino Fact: Spinosaurus is believed to be the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered. In addition to its massive size, it also had a unique sail-like structure on its back that may have been used for thermoregulation or display purposes.

A twist on our watercolour dinos - these die-cut Disco Dinos are ready to party. They are made with a premium holographic vinyl material that is extra durable, UV resistant and dishwasher safe.

A must-have for any dinosaur enthusiast!

They're perfect for decorating lunchboxes, notebooks, water bottles, laptops, and more, adding a touch of prehistoric touch to any item. Plus, they're easy to use, simply peel and stick for an instant burst of dino-themed fun. Whether you're looking for a way to reward your child for a job well done, or just want to surprise them with a fun and creative activity, our vinyl dinosaur sticker sheets are sure to be a hit.

Stickers for J

Our new line of stickers, hand sketched by yours truly.

Designed with love for our little J - featuring his latest obsessions: Dinosaurs. We sketch all all designs in J’s sketchbook and replicate it digitally. Once our designs are complete we layout our designs to maximize the number of stickers while maintaining visual aesthetic. Our designs are then sent off for printing with each design kiss cut. Each sheet is made with premium vinyl that is fade-resistant, scratch proof, and waterproof. So go ahead and stick these on your lunchbox, water bottle, laptop, bike - anywhere you like, you name it.

About the Product

  • Premium Durable Vinyl Sticker
  • Extra sticky, permanent adhesive 
  • UV / Fade Resistant
  • Waterproof - Dishwasher safe!
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Shiny holographic finish

About the Design

  • Mesmerizing holographic design - each dinosaur has been adjusted for maximized holographic goodness.
  • Minimalist design
  • A little party touch for each dino
  • Intended for decorating products but can be used for journaling if you're feeling fancy.