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Sarah Silks - Mini Enchanted Playsilks - Fire
Sarah Silks - Mini Enchanted Playsilks - Fire
Sarah Silks - Mini Enchanted Playsilks - Fire

Sarah Silks - Mini Enchanted Playsilks - Fire

Sarah's Silks
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Introducing Mini Enchanted Playsilks by Sarah's Silks - Natural, Soft, Lightweight, and versatile. 

Why Children Love Playsilks:

Playsilks are truly magical toys that captivate children's hearts, inviting them to play creatively time and time again. Their simplicity and open-ended nature unlock a child's boundless imagination and foster independence.

The Benefits of Playsilks:

  1. Inspiring Imagination: Open-ended play with playsilks allows children to unleash their creativity and invent countless imaginative scenarios.

  2. Sensory Nourishment: The soft and smooth texture of playsilks provides a delightful tactile experience, nurturing a child's senses.

Why we love this @ J's Rainbows

Natural and open-ended. We purchased 2 playsilks when little J was a baby. From Peekaboo to now landscapes designed by J - our family has enjoyed hours of play.

  • High quality silk
  • Takes up very little space
  • Beautiful 

Products Specs

  • Size: Mini Playsilks
  • Dimensions: 21 x 21 inches
  • Material: Lightweight (5 momme) 100% pure silk

About Sarah's Silks - Nurturing Imaginative Play:

Sarah's Silks is committed to inspiring imaginative play in children with open-ended toys crafted from natural materials. Drawing inspiration from the principles of Waldorf and Montessori education, as well as Sarah's own childhood of imaginative play, each toy is thoughtfully designed with care for the past 28 years.

Experience the enchantment and creativity that Mini Enchanted Playsilks bring to your child's playtime. Unlock their imagination and watch them embark on endless adventures!