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PlanetBox - Shuttle Magnets
Camo Sharks - PlanetBox Shuttle Magnets

PlanetBox - Shuttle Magnets

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PlanetBox Shuttle Magnets

Customize your PlanetBox Shuttle containers with cute magnets.

Why we love this @J's Rainbows

Great way to customize and bring colour to your stainless steel lunchbox. Mix & Match or switch it up daily, weekly - you name it.

Product Highlights

  • Made out of synthetic rubber certified safe of toxins (unlike PVC magnets)

    Stainless steel lunch container sold separately.

    Remove magnets before washing lunchbox. 

    *If the magnets get wet it can cause the magnetic material to degrade and attach itself to the top of the lunchbox (which is magnetic). This can cause rusting. Making a thick paste of vinegar and baking soda, leaving it on the marks for at least an hour and then scrubbing it off and rinsing will clean the spots.