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Ocamora Nesting Arch Red (9pcs)
Ocamora Nesting Arch Red (9pcs)
Ocamora Nesting Arch Red with Grimm's semi circles
Ocamora rainbow with grimm's semi circles
Ocamora rainbow with grimm's semi circles
Ocamora large rainbow vs Grimm's Large Rainbow
Ocamora Nesting Arch Red (9pcs)

Ocamora Nesting Arch Red (9pcs)

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One stunning rainbow stacker by Ocamora. This set includes 9 arches ranging from shades of blue to red.

The blue rainbow is great with small world play where large blue arches can appear as large waterfalls. Also versatile with other building sets from Grimm's such as semi circles and building slacks.  

The wood feels velvety to the touch to add grips and stability to your structures.

Nesting rainbows are commonly seen throughout Montessori classrooms for it's aesthetic and versatility. The rainbow is one of the most versatile wooden toys as it serves to stack, fit, and build. As your child grows, the rainbow allows the child to find new ways to play. From day one, you can use it to style your little one's playroom. As they get older, they can transition from learning to stack, from building unique structures for marble runs, buildings, bridges, fences, caves - whatever your child can imagine!

The Ocamora nesting arches are made in Spain with linden wood harvested FSC certified forests from Spain and France. The oils that are used to finish the Ocamora toys are a mixture of flax oil, tung and some vegetable oils. The stains that are used to colour the wood are made from water dyes. Both the oils and stains comply with the safety regulations for toys UNE EN 71/3.

Dimensions: Length 32 cm and height 16.5 cm

Made in Spain 

Please note that wooden toys can contain visible knots, this is a natural characteristic of the wood and is not considered an imperfection. These marks and grains is what makes each wooden toy so unique. Take a moment to closer look at the curves and bends in the wood grain and embrace it's natural beauty. Enjoy.

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