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Bauspiel Small Lucent set, 20 pieces
Bauspiel - Lucent Cubes, 20 piece set
Bauspiel lucent cubes in hand
Bauspiel - Lucent Cubes close up
Bauspiel lucent cube
Bauspiel lucent cube and x blocks
Bauspiel lucent cubes and grid blocks
Bauspiel lucent cubes in small set

Bauspiel - Lucent Cubes, sampler set

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A sampler size of the popular lucent cubes by Bauspiel containing 20 pieces in a cardboard box.

These lucent cubes are growing in popularity. They are great on their own and pairs wonderfully with many other sets such as the X blocks and grid blocks (sold separately). Open-ended, versatile, great for Montessori and Waldorf families and classrooms. Use them to to stack, learn to count and more.

Each set comes with 10 different rainbow colours, and 2 cubes each. Comes in a cardboard box.

What to expect? How do the lucent cubes look in person?

These cubes do not have a high shine finish - yet not considered matte. They're smooth the to touch and have slightly rounded off edges. 

Each cube can range from levels of opacity and is normal to have minor marks. 


Cubes: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Box Measures: 12.5 x 10 x 3 cm

Made in Germany

Warning: For children ages 3 & up. Contains small parts.

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