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Gluckskafer - All-in House, Natural
Gluckskafer all in one house natural
Gluckskafer - All-in House, Natural

Gluckskafer - All-in House, Natural

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Gluckskafer house with 17 natural pieces.

An all-in-one house! Perfect for small world play. Use it as a small doll house, or to complement a larger doll house with it's furniture pieces. The house can also be used for creative structural elements or whatever your child can think of. 

Measures approximately : 22 x 7 x 16 cm


Gluckskafer blocks are coloured with water-based stains that bring out the characteristic of original wood. The surface feels slightly rougher to facilitate construction projects.

Please note that wooden toys can contain visible knots, this is a natural characteristic of the wood and is not considered an imperfection. These marks and grains is what makes each wooden toy so unique. Take a moment to closer look at the curves and bends in the wood grain and embrace it's natural beauty. Enjoy.

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