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Are wooden toys better? Learn why many are making the switch

With mainstream toys ranging from battery operated, flashy plastic toys - you may wonder why you should invest in wooden toys. 

If you're new to the world of wooden toys or thinking of making the switch you may think that these toys seem very over priced or too simple. 

It can take up to 1,000 years for plastic to decompose in landfills. A lot of these toys you see on the market are very busy. They flash, they sing, they try to keep your toddler busy. - and more often than not, are tailored to a specific age group. Personally, I cannot stand it when the toys run out of batteries. Your kid is confused why their toy is broken, you need to find new set of batteries along with a screw driver. Not to mention the guilt I feel when we're creating more waste with the dead batteries. 

Now you don't have to go 100% plastic free. I do think a couple of plastic toys will keep things interesting for your kids. Ideally try to purchase something that will grow with your kid or have multiple uses. 

Why we love wooden toys. 

To me each wooden toy is really a work of art. Many of the toys we collect are handmade from start to finish. So it's no wonder that the toy costs more. 

Wood lasts longer. If you purchase a good quality wooden toy they should last. The more simple and open ended the toys are the longer they can grow with your child. Open ended pieces are great for building, pretend play, and more. 

Sensory experience. As an adult, it's an experience for me too. Something about the sound of wood or the feeling when you stack two pieces together. This is an experience you won't get from plastic. Also, your child will feel the weight difference. 

Visually appealing. When I look at J's toys, they also make me happy. If your children are still at an age you can pick their toys, choose pieces you also enjoy - after all you're the one who has to look at them too. 

More sustainable. I find that after becoming a mother I'm more cautious about my foot print. I think about the world that is left behind for my children and their future children. 


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