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PlanetBox Accessories: How to Customize Your Lunch Experience

We have been carrying the PlanetBox lunch line for almost a whole school year now. As parents ourselves we wanted to share some of the many ways you can customize your PlanetBox (or any lunch container!).

PlanetBox is known for its innovative and eco-friendly stainless steel lunchboxes, designed to encourage healthy eating habits and minimize waste. One of the standout features of the PlanetBox lunch experience is the wide variety of accessories available to personalize and enhance your meals. In this blog post, we will share the different PlanetBox accessories that can help you create a unique and enjoyable lunch experience for yourself or your little ones.

  1. Customizable Magnets
  2. Stickers
  3. Dippers and Containers
  4. Insulated Carry Bags
  5. Utensils and Silverware
  6. Cold Packs
  7. Name Labels

Customizable Magnets

One of the most popular PlanetBox accessories is the customizable magnet sets. With a variety of designs and themes to choose from, these magnets allow you to personalize the exterior of your lunchbox, making it easy to identify and adjust to your little one's interests. The magnets are easily interchangeable - so you can change them up or mix & match, allowing for a fresh new look whenever - because we know kids change their minds frequently. 

Just remember: the magnets should be removed before washing - either by hand or dishwasher. 


Now if removing the magnets is another step you don't need. Vinyl stickers are a great option to customize your PlanetBox. When we created our sticker line, we designed in mind for lunchboxes, water bottles and more. 

Dippers and Containers

To make packing a variety of food items a breeze, PlanetBox offers a range of leak-proof dippers and containers. These accessories are designed to fit perfectly within the compartments of your PlanetBox lunchbox, ensuring that your food stays fresh and separate throughout the day. They're perfect for holding sauces, dips, and small snacks.

Its small size also make great snack containers. 

Overall it's a great way to get more usage out of your PlanetBox, because on it's own - the PlanetBox bento containers are not leakproof.

Insulated Carry Bags

Transport your PlanetBox lunchbox in style with an insulated carry bag. Available in multiple colors and designs, these bags are designed to keep your lunch fresh and cool. The PlanetBox carry bags feature a pocket to hold a water bottle and a separate compartment for utensils and napkins, making it a convenient all-in-one solution for your daily lunch needs. But really any lunchbox will do - just double check the size if you're trying to fit larger bento boxes like the Rover or Launch. 

Other advantages? Any insulated style will help keep your food cold - we recommend using it in combination of an icepack. We heard using two really helps - but in our household we use just the 1 and that works for us.

Lastly, it helps keeps your backpack clean. Sometimes with younger kids they're still learning how to close up their lunch box. So things can get a little messy.

Utensils and Silverware

Complete your PlanetBox lunch set with eco-friendly  silverware. Made from stainless steel, PlanetBox carries magnetic utensils are designed "stick" to your your PlanetBox lunchbox. Another great option are our SugarBooger silverware.

Cold Packs

We would say this is an essential item to help keep your lunch items cool. This also helps keeps it at a safer temperature to minimize spoiling. 

Keep your lunch cool and fresh by adding a cold pack to your PlanetBox setup. We carry two slim options that are reusable and fit perfectly inside the insulated carry bags - maintaining the ideal temperature for your food throughout the day.

Name Labels

If you have a young child - this will be very helpful to avoid lost items. As they are learning how to keep inventory of their belongings, labelling everything helps - it also helps avoid mixing up lunches with other kids too - especially in the case of food allergies. Help your child get familiarized with their lunch container (which one is theirs - and how to open and close). I think there are several options in the market, we personally like the ones from Mabel's Labels due to the selection of modern designs, fonts and great customer service. 

There are many ways you can customize your PlanetBox lunch containers. From the way you decorate to the way you accessorize. We have found the options helpful as a parent to make J's lunch more enjoyable to help him eat more at school.

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