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OmieBox Lunch Boxes now @ J's Rainbows

Today is an exciting day! We're adding another brand to the J's Rainbow lunch line up. We've spent countless hours researching lunch solutions for our own little one. Our very own J is now a school age child - and the first week the little guy was so overwhelmed he barely ate. Not to mention, he's used to warm meals up to this day. 

Being so young, we were hesitant to send him off with a Thernos since that would mean that we would need to pack his other snacks and food in separate containers. That felt like a lot of items for 1 little person to keep inventory of. With OmieLife's OmieBox bento lunch container, it was the most creative solution we came across. We love that there is a removable, built-in thermos within the lunchbox. This allows little ones to see everything they have packed. So you can pack your warm meal (or extra cool treat), and everything else in the other compartments. 

OmieBox Canada now available @ J's Rainbows

The lunch box also comes with a carry handle, making it easier to transport around. Since the box is already insulated, you could technically just add it into their backpacks as is - although with younger children who's still learning how to properly close things, it's recommended to use a light weight bag or lunch bag for extra protection. 

OmieBox Lunch Box for Kindergarten

We love the fun bright colours. The box has a very cute aesthetic without looking too "baby" so we're hoping it can continue to grow with your little one year after year. 

We currently carry the line up in Blue, Pink, Purple, Green and Yellow. 

To shop the collection, you can view it here.

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