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Home Decor, Meal Time Favorites and Toys - What's new & what's coming

What's new.

We've added quite a bit over the last month. From new mealtime favourites, to home decor, and some newborn basics.

We wanted to add a selection of products we used and love. 

New brands we've introduced to our shop.

With Zoli, they carry a great line of products - super exciting when your young one is starting on solids. For our product line up, we decided to focus on the stainless steel line since it most aligns with our plastic-free mission. Many of these items we've purchased for our own child and since then used regularly and love. 

Comotomo, although it's been a while since we used any bottles was one of my personal favourite option. The wide mouth makes it so easy to clean and you feel safe warming up milk in the silicone bottle. Safe, light-weight, and easy to bring with you on the go. 

Sugarbooger is a newer line that we've introduced. They have a lot of cute patterns although most of their line is mainly plastic, we chose a few pieces of silverwear for the shop. This is particularly great with older toddlers.

With Pehr, it's been a long time favourite pre-baby period. The cute pom pom bins and clean aesthetic makes it easy for anyone to fall in love with. Prior to carrying these in our shop, you can easily find many of these bins throughout our house and car. Adding to the line, we hand selected some of our favourite bedding and clothing. We hope you to further expand this line in the future as theres just so many great products.


Zoli Straw CupComotomo Silicone BottleSugarbooger silverwarePehr Pom Pom bins

What's coming.

A whole lot of wooden gem blocks! Hopefully we're able to keep these on the shelf long enough that you'll be able to select from all three brands (Bauspiel, Papoose and Nurture Play).


  • Bauspiel - Early April
  • Papoose - 2nd week of April
  • Lubulona - 2nd week of May
  • Nurture Play Australia - End of May

Bauspiel is small company based out of Germany. They hand make their blocks mainly using alder wood and finish them off with natural oils. Giving each piece a warm tone. These blocks are probably the OG of wood + gems combo. 

Don't let the pictures fool you, most of these sets are quite large. Bonus: most sets come with a solid wooden tray. Great to use as a tinker tray for small world play.

Papoose is no stranger to our store. Known for their wooden felt trees and felt toys - with Mr. Bauspiel's blessing they have created their own line of gem blocks and lucent cubes. Also, the very anticipated gem coins. 

Lubulona is a new brand for us. We've heard great things and we've been wanting to carry these in our store for some time time. Their pieces are made from solid beechwood and all of their packaging is 100% plastic free. Other brands, please take note! In addition to it's plastic-free packaging, we love that their little peg people are diverse - because that's important and we really need to see other brands follow suit.

Nurture Play Australia, we've restocked earlier in the month and we know many of you have been asking about when the next restock will happen. At this time we're anticipating closer to end of May. You'll see the same 3 sets + the large rainbow and mini castle. To be the first to know, sign up for our newsletter or check out our insta-stories - we post often. 

Bauspiel Canada - Color Streetpapoose gem coinsLubulona Trees

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