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J's Rainbows x Maileg retailers Canada

Maileg Royal family

We're super excited to introduce a new brand to J's Rainbows.

Last Christmas, we purchased a set of twin baby mice from Maileg and we've instantly fell in love since. From the cute matchbox made of sturdy cardboard, to the tiny details such as the mice's clothing or little sleeping bag. 

We chosen this brand for our store because it aligns closely to our brand values. High quality, sustainable toys that spark imaginative play. 

Younger children ages 3 & up can play with these little mice. They pair well with many wooden toys and accessories. At the J household, we use them everyday during our bedtime stories. 

The removable clothing is great for older children as they build their fine motor skills. For families with multiple mice, you can change up their clothing or purchase additional clothing separately. For more deeper imaginative play and story telling, you can purchase additional accessories such as furniture, dollhouses, and other household accessories - all in miniature size!

To kick our collection off, we want to introduce to you our handpicked selection of Maileg mices. More to come soon. 

View our collection.

Maileg Mice in house.


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