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Hot selling collection of wooden gem blocks by Nurture Play Australia

Get ready for another Canadian restock for the Nurture Play Australia restock. Starting mid-to-late May we'll be rolling out our second wave of the Nurture Play Australia 4 x 4 cm, double sided gem blocks. 

What is Nurture Play Australia? 

Founded by two life-long friends, Kylie and Tracie came together to create a series of handmade, locally sourced, opened-ended toys. Most of the wooden pieces we carry in our shop are made with New Zealand pinewood. Which gives it that lightweight feel and creamy colour. 

What's part of the restock?

We've custom ordered 3 of the double sided gem sets. For these sets we've paid additional fees to curate our own line of the double sided gem blocks. Each colour was hand selected by us to create something special for our shop. 

  1. Large Custom Pastel Set (restock)
  2. Small Custom Pastel Set (restock)
  3. Large Custom Rainbow Set (new arrival)

Also included are:

  1. Window Kaleidoscope blocks (restock)
  2. Mini Kaleidoscope Castle (new arrival)

How do I get notified about the restock? 

To be the first to hear about restock updates and releases, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter. We also recommend following us on instagram and Facebook for more updates, detailed photos and videos. 

Other wooden gem blocks

We're all in for this wooden gem trend. We offer a variety of wooden gem options to choose from. 

Bauspiel Color Street

Bauspiel - offers a whimsical collection of beautiful wooden blocks. These blocks are generally made from alder wood and has an oiled finish. Alder wood is a harder wood so it feels more substantial in weight and it holds up well to rough play and is less likely to have those dents that can happen over time with all wooden toys. The oil finish conditions the wood and gives it that warm caramel finish. When you get a new set of Bauspiel toys, it's quite common to have that fresh wooden smell - which will disappear overtime.  

Papoose - with the new upcoming line, with Mr. Bauspiel's blessing they created a collection of new gem blocks. They offer a smaller double gem set, coins - which is quite unique on the market right now, lucent pieces, and more. Like Nurture Play Australia the wooden pieces are not finished with oil. These sets are all complementary with any wooden block sets including Bauspiel and Nurture Play - and the price point offers another selection of gem blocks to choose from. 

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