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Wooden rainbow stacker

Today we wanted to share the Ocamora rainbow stacker. Wooden rainbows are becoming increasingly popular - seen all over instagram, Montessori and Waldorf classrooms due to its beautiful visual appearance and how versatile the toy is.

When not in use, the piece really adds to the decor of any room. While playing, there are are so many open ended opportunities. Different stacking techniques, ball runs, building structures, pretend caves and roads - pretty much anything your child can think of. 

We love the Ocamora rainbow here at J's Rainbows because they're well made and provide a variety of option of colors to choose from. So you're very likely to find a rainbow that fits your taste.

Which rainbow to go with? They offer two sizes:

  • 6 pieces, approximately $100 CAD retail
  • 9 pieces, approximately $150 CAD retail.

The 9 piece rainbow is very comparable in size to the Grimm's rainbow - about 1 inch smaller. 

Whereas the 6 piece rainbow is quite a bit larger than Grimm's medium rainbow. Making it more versatile than the smaller alternative. 

In terms of the wood & finish, the Ocamora rainbows are much more evenly cut than Grimm's and the texture is more velvety and rough compared to Grimm's - which does help in providing traction for stacking activities. One thing you'll notice is that Ocamora has a "tighter" fit between each arch, which you can feel when you stack the rainbow back together. Very interesting sensory experience - with both!

So what color to go for? Honestly, choose your favorite color (or child's favorite). We love that the color combinations are quite unique and they work beautifully as gifts. All Ocamora merchandise comes in a sturdy kraft box. So it's very appropriate for gift giving. 

Here are some of the colors they have today in the 6 arch range. To see our current selection you can browse our Ocamora collection.

Ocamora nesting arch 6 pieces in red


Ocamora nesting arch 6 pieces in green

Ocamora nesting arch 6 pieces in purple

Ocamora nesting arch 6 pieces in pink

Ocamora nesting arch 6 pieces in yellow

Ocamora nesting arch 6 pieces in natural

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