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How to master toy rotations for busy families and happy kids

Today we're going to answer some of the commonly asked questions around toy rotation.

  • What age should you start doing toy rotation?
  • How do you Organize toy rotation?
  • How many toys are in a toy rotation?
  • How do you effectively rotate a toddler toy? 

So what age should you start rotating your toys? 

You can start in their infancy. Rotating toys is great for building creativity and focus. Having too many toys can overwhelm both child and parent. If you haven't started yet, it's never too late. Take away some of their toys and curate a smaller collection for them to play with.

How do you organize and choose toys for a toy rotation?

If your child has some favourite toys that they actively reach for, keep them out. Rotate out the toys that are not getting much play. What works great is choosing pieces that complement what they are interested in. If they like cars and trucks, pair it with some stacking pebbles, peg people, roads and more. 

How many toys are in a toy rotation?

This might depend on how large your room is too - but around 10 might be a good number to start. Whatever fits neatly onto the shelves and around the room. By having too many toys out (and toys with loose parts like legos, blocks, mandalas etc), it can be a lot to clean up. This can become overwhelming very quickly as the room starts to look very messy. Ever noticed that when you're stressed you start to clean your desk and around the house?

How do you effectively rotate toys and how often do you do it? 

Some may rotate daily, weekly - but it really depends on each family, their schedule and child. If you notice they're starting to get bored easily, might be time for a rotation. 

When rotating another thing to keep in mind is that you might want to diversity the type of toys you have out. For example, building blocks, loose parts, puzzles, figurines, vehicles, soft toys etc.

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