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Top budget friendly wooden toys - what to buy for wooden toy families

So you have a family member that requests for wooden toys only. Or maybe a close friend that you know who is taking a more holistic approach to toys. The holiday season can be a stressful time - searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

My family members usually ask me what I want for J. Normally our request is for non-plastic toys with wood being preferred. But sometimes price does dictate what you end up with. Today I wanted to share some gift ideas for every budget and my thoughts on the matter.

Personally, I would prefer one smaller, well made toy than several plastic toys. I know this may seem odd or even "cheap" to gift such a small toy. But as a mom who spends her own money on these toys - I know the value of these toys. I really appreciate all aspects that goes into a wooden toy. Many times these toys are made by smaller shops and are fully handmade from start to finish. So although a toy may seem "too simple", these toys tend to last longer (generations even) and when choosing more open ended toys, this enables the toy to grow with the child and allows them to think of new ways to play with their toys. Which is great for development a creative imagination.

So... what can I get?

Small Holztiger animals

For gifts under $25:

We really recommend animal figures - such as Holztiger or Ostheimer. You can purchase 2-3 smaller figures or one larger animal. Also, this makes gift giving easy every time - just add to their collection of animals! To start, you can stick to their favorite animals, or common animals they would see. 

We really love handmade wooden animals because each animal is so unique. Oh and no batteries required. 

View our Holztiger collection.

Gifts under $35:

Coming soon, we're also adding a selection of Goki toys for a selection of toys around the $35 price range. These toys tend to be a bit less open ended up, but great for young toddlers developing gross motor skills. We selected a number of toys that J was interested in - such as ball runs, hammering, and stacking!

View our selection of Goki toys.

Gifts under $60:

Papoose toys is mainly known for their felt toys. This is another route you can take that is plastic-free. and of course there is always our favorite - holztiger animals. You can also purchase them by creating your very own set - like this dinosaur trio.

Brands with a variety of price tags:

You can browse through our selection of Gluckskafer toys which is a German company with a variety of building toys. We love that they offer a wide range of prices from smaller stacking sets starting at the $30 price range upwards to $120 for more extensive building sets. Over the next few weeks you'll notice that we'll be adding more to our collection to offer a wider price range. Including some montessori items such as a small dish brush or a child's hair brush. 



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