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PlanetBox Lunchboxes: A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Models and Features (Rover, Launch, Shuttle, AND Explorer and Mercury)

PlanetBox is well-known for their stainless steel bento-style lunch boxes: Rover, Launch, Shuttle. All completely plastic-free. Each model made to meet different preferences and requirements - so whether you're packing lunch for a child, teen, or yourself, you can find a PlanetBox lunchbox that suits your needs. In this article we will break down the three bento-style boxes as well as the newly added Explorer and Mercury containers.

Planetbox Rover Container styled with Dinosaur Magnets

  • PlanetBox Rover:

    • Most popular configuration!
    • The PlanetBox Rover stands out with its five compartments, providing versatile space for packing a variety of foods and snacks.
      • This style is great for young kids who like to graze a variety of food. Having multiple choices can help them choose how to fill up for the day.
    • It offers a total capacity of approximately 5 cups (1.2 liters), making it suitable for both children and adults with average-sized appetites.
    • The individual compartment sizes vary, with the main central compartment being the largest, perfect for holding sandwiches or main dishes.
    • Comes with two leak-proof dipper containers (small and large)
      • You can use the dippers inside your lunch container to make the areas leak & spill proof OR use them on the side as separate snack containers. 
    • The rover also has many compatible accessories and alternative dippers to choose from - many like to further customize their Rover with colorful pods, magnetic cutlery and square dippers
    • Note: if you have an existing lunch bag, double check the dimensions to ensure your container can fit!

PlanetBox Launch shown with 3 compartments

  • PlanetBox Launch:

    • For those who need a larger lunchbox, the PlanetBox Launch is an excellent choice.
    • With three spacious compartments, it offers a total capacity of approximately 6.5 cups (1.5 liters).
    • This makes it ideal for older kids, teens, and adults who require larger portions.
    • The compartments are deeper than the rover and provide ample space for packing meals
    • Comes with one small dipper container (tall)
      • Due to the larger size, many find adding the silicone pods or large square dipper provides them with more versatility - and wmith the dippers making the section leakproof
    • Note: if you have an existing lunch bag, double check the dimensions to ensure your container can fit!

    PlanetBox Shuttle with Stegosaurs sticker

      • PlanetBox Shuttle:

        • The PlanetBox Shuttle is a compact and convenient option, designed for snacks, light meals, or younger children with smaller appetites.
        • It consists of three compartments, providing a total capacity of approximately 4 cups (0.9 liters).
        • Although the compartments are smaller compared to the Rover and Launch, they are still suitable for packing a variety of snacks and small portions.
        • The Shuttle is perfect for preschoolers or anyone seeking a portable and easy-to-handle lunchbox.
        • Comes with one small dipper container (tall)
          • The accessories are interchangeable with the Launch accessories and is deeper than the Rover.
        • Fits all standard lunchbags!

    Explorer stackable lunchbox

      • PlanetBox Explorer:
        • The first stackable, stainless steel, and leak-proof lunchbox
        • Features a microwave-safe tray (only the tray is microwaveable - please follow manufacturer instructions) - for warming up leftovers and keeping food separate.
        • The silicone seal ensures food and liquids stay contained, making it a mess-free option.
        • Compatible with Rover Dippers and Pods

    PlanetBox Thermos

      • PlanetBox Mercury
        • If you love the quality and style of PlanetBox products, they recently launched their own Thermal container that can fit 10oz of food
        • The vacuum seal ensures hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold for up to 12 hours

    So depending on your needs, PlanetBox lunchboxes are designed with high-quality, eco-friendly stainless steel and provide an attractive and sustainable option for your on-the-go meals.

    Find your lunchbox today.

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