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Spruce up play time with these wooden trees by Ocamora Toys

Ocamora Bonsai Tree Review

Today we wanted to feature some of Ocamora's trees. They offer a variety of bright, cheerful colors.  When looking at the Bonsai trees and comparing them with the original forest trees, they appear to be the same trees without the stump. But in reality, the bonsai trees are in fact smaller!

Ocamora Bonsai Tree with Ostheimer tri-colored Parrot  Ostheimer Goose, young


These are great a part of small world play and loose parts. They pair beautifully with Ostheimer toys due to its delicate size and nature. Ocamora offers a variety of trees in their collection so if you're looking for something larger, the forest trees might be better suited for you.

Ocamora Forest trees in cold
Grimm's bus with Ocamora Forest Trees
With younger kids you can use them as display in their playrooms until they're old enough to play.
What are some of your favourite trees?

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