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Meet the Papoose trees

We love the papoose trees at home. We have a couple sets at home that's permanently out on display. We love that there are several seasons available so that we can swap out the trees as the seasons change.

We have a lot of wooden trees and animal figures at home so the felt tops add a nice textural element to our playroom.

One of the things that makes the papoose tree unique is that they all have this natural wood base. Sometimes you luck out and get a super curvy piece. The felt tops are felted by hand and then glued onto the base - and surprisingly sturdy. 

Originally they offered 5 sets. Spring (pictured up top), Summer (bottom), Fall (red), Winter (white), and rainbow (seen with hippo in image below).

The rainbow edition is quite unique. It's a fun pop of color of you don't mind that it doesn't look natural - in both the color and the finished base. But it could also pass off for holiday trees with Christmas lights. 

We love these trees as part of your playroom decor - feature them with your favourite animals and use them as part of your small world play. 

View our selection of papoose trees.

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