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J's Picks: Current Top 5 favorite Holztiger animals

Today we wanted to share our personal top 5 favorites.

Funny enough, before carrying these animals in our store, we purchase a set of farm animals for J's birthday. It was only when we recieved our shipment of Holztiger animals for the store where we discovered our new favorites.

Here are our top 5 picks:

The Holztiger Cow - Standing.
We love both variations in black and brown and prefer the standing animal compared to the eatting. This is a great starter piece since it's decent in size and your toddler will recognize it from their books.

Holztiger Cow

Holztiger Hippopotamus Feeding

This was an unexpected love. We love the transparent bue and pop of pink. We ended up placing an order for the baby hippo and hippo with the mouth open. Let's see if we like them just as much.

Holztiger Hippo feeding


Holztiger Zebra

This is a cutie. We prefer this variation to the other zebra... and the ostheimer zebra. Very well done, cute face and love the way the stripes were painted.

Holztiger female zebra


Holztiger Giraffe

We love both adult giraffes. They just stand so tall and beautifully. We should be getting a shipment within the next several weeks - hopefully!

Holztiger giraffe standing


Holztiger Elephant, Trunk Raised

Wowie! This one is massive! We're a big fan of elephants in this household and this one did not disappoint. 

Holztiger Elephant

Also note - we say current because we never know what we'll fall in love with. It's so hard to tell with these wooden animals until you see them in the flesh. We're particularly excited about the mammoth, peacock and kangaroo with young.

Holztiger Cows with our packaging

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