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Introducing: Lil' Peeps by J's Rainbows

In today's spotlight we wanted to feature a collection from our own in-house brand: Lil Peeps.

Little hands cannot resist these pegs dolls. J has always enjoyed his peg dolls so much that we decided to create our own to feature a diverse collection of dolls for all kids. 

Why did we come up with this? When we were looking for little wooden dolls, there wasn't many options when it comes down to diversity. We wanted to create a collection of beautiful dolls where your little one can find a doll that looks like them or to expose them to a variety of different cultures. Not to mention we wanted to have some fun on the way.

To start, we released a small selection of hula peeps and mermaids. We love that each doll is uniquely different due to its color combination and the fact that it's handmade in nature. No two dolls are exactly the same.

Up next we wanted to share a sneak peek at what's to come.

DIY kits. We're very close to completing these kits. Just gotta put together our step by step tutorial. We're hoping to make this easy for our non-artsy friends.

fall collection preview:

Multicultural peg dolls

View our current collection of peg dolls.


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