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How to Style your Rainbows?

There are a number of ways to style our rainbows. All our rainbows have a loop in the back, making them ready for hanging. 

Montessori Playroom

  1. In groupings of 2 or 3. 
  2. Single Rainbows look best styled along other decor or on the door. 
  3. In frames. We personally like the look of the three baby rainbows 🌈 styled in matching IKEA frames. You can also have two frames stacked on top of each other, or one on each side of the bed (floating above your nightstands). 

Three baby rainbows in IKEA frames

Door Decor. Just stick a command hook and you're ready to go.

We personally love decorating the doors to our LO playroom or nursery. Something like a small baby rainbow just adds the right amount of cheer.

Baby rainbow in Popsicle framed


Heat wave baby rainbows

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