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How do we select toys for our shop?

Hi there! Welcome to our shop! 

If this is your first time around - or 2nd or 3rd. You might wonder how we choose the toys for our store. Or maybe there are a few items you're interested and on the fence about since you never seen it in person.

Here at J's Rainbows we work hard to try to give you as close to an in-store experience. We usually take our own photographs of all our products to give you a better visual representation of what the real product looks like - and sometimes we'll even create a mini set up, just to get your imagination going with the endless plays you can play. 

But of course - if you have more questions, we're happy to hear from you. 

So how do we select our products? Firstly - we start with brands that we personally know and love. These are items that might of stumbled into our playroom before sourcing for our own shop. As we look through countless selection of toys, we only purchase items we would personally want in our own playroom. Each restock should be fighting the urge to want to keep the toys for ourselves.

Materials. You may noticed we focus our selection on natural, eco-friendly toys. So materials like wood or wool is a-okay in our books. We know the number of plastic toys that can accumulate into a home and where they all end up when your child out grows it. 

Open-ended. We aim to choose toys that are generally open-ended that can grow with your child. Of course when you compare them to the mainstream plastic toys in the market - they might seem rather simple. But simple is best, busy toddlers - not busy toys. This allows them to think of new creative ways to play. Think about our parents generation where all they have is a dish rag tied up into a shape of a doll. 

Quality. This is important to us. This is for safety and longevity. 

Supporting other small businesses - especially handmade. You can see the love, detail and attention that goes into your toys. With each one being slightly unique to the one made before it. 

Overall we follow the same toy purchasing philosophy as we do in our personal life. Does it hit the 5 criteria?

  1. Open Ended
  2. Sparks Joy
  3. Safe
  4. Sustainable & Eco-friendly
  5. Easy to Clean

We hope you find something you love. 

And as always we love it when you share your unboxing and reviews with us. 


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