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Current top 8 favourite safari animals to start your collection with

One small Holztiger lion cub standing

This collection was quite a game changer to how we viewed the Holztiger brand.

These animals are so well done that upon our first order for our shop, we decided to keep 4 of the animals (to be fair, we already had most of the farm animals).

Holztiger hippo with mouth open

These animals are substantially chunkier than any of the other animals that we've owned. And to be honest, it's really hard to tell what the product will look like in person with the one stock photo!

Hippo feeding from Holztiger

Our Favourite: The hippos - both! How lovely is that blue?

Beautifully painted with this semi opaque blue paint. The contrast between blue and pink really makes the animal stands out. 

Holztiger Zebra (female) decorated with Ocamora Natural stacking stones

The long standing wish list animal: The Zebra

Holztiger makes two variation of the larger zebra -  I believe one male and one is female. But this version is my favorite. 


Holztiger Tiger standing

The tiger was an unexpected love by both myself and J. This one along with the lion are two of his top favorite animals. I love how the tiger looks strong, buff and vibrant. 

Holztiger Giraffe standing
Now you might be surprised how large the giraffe is - this figure and the elephant is quite a bit bigger than I could imagine. 
Holztiger Elephant trunk raised

 The big elephant. The figure with its trunk raise is definitely a top seller. They also make the large elephant with the trunk down - but I remember hearing somewhere that trunks raised = good luck. It helps that it's cute too.

Holztiger Lioness
To finish today's post: a lioness. Great addition figure for your growing lion family or reenactment of the lion king... 
Hope this post was helpful in making your decision on which holztiger figure to add to your collection next.

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