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DIY Party Favors for Toddlers & Kids (alternatives to plastic loot bags)

Well we're still in quarantine, so we're probably not having any parties any time soon. But with no where to go, you could start thinking about those DIY projects you've been wanting to try. This is a great time to put a few favors together or even some stocking stuffers for the holidays.

Macrame Rainbows.

Great as wall decor or make smaller ones as ornaments. For the base you can check for some rope at your local craft store or on Amazon. This is a great way to use up some of your yarn stash. I've also seen small yarn samplers where you can purchase multiple colors in a set. This is great for creating a variety of colors in your rainbow without breaking the bank.

All you need is Rope, Yarn, Wire, Needle and thread. 

Macrame Rainbow

At J's Rainbows we offer a variety of sizes. Our most common sizes are: ornament, baby and toddler size.  We love gifting ornaments because if the parents are not a fan of hanging rainbows on their wall or part of their decor - an ornament on the Christmas tree is pretty low commitment and shares a special story each year. 


DIY Peg Dolls.

This craft requires a bit more materials if you don't have any paint. Choose a paint that is safe for children - if you don't have any colors you can get a lot of mileage out of: black, white, red, yellow and blue by mixing your own colors. Or go with a monochrome theme. 

At J's Rainbow, we decided to create our own line to expand our own personal toy selection. We wanted fun colors while keeping the dolls more open ended - so we opted for no faces. Just the cheeks :)

DIY Peg Doll Kit

This would be a great activity for older children. A great way for them to get involved to make their own toys. Plus it's fun for the whole family. You can purchase some peg dolls are your local craft store or even on Amazon. Just make sure to inspect the quality of the dolls - it took us a while to find some decent dolls. 

We'll also be offering some of our own custom made dolls - made with Canadian Maple. Stay tuned if you're interested in that.

Felt Balls

There are several ways you can achieve a felt ball - a short cut would be to use a dryer ball that is made of 100% wool. All you need is a felting needling and some wool yarn and you can design your own balls... and the kids love them! Plus it's a functional gift - use them as dryer balls.

Stacking bowls

If you have beginner crochet skills, you can make these. For our own collection we chose a thick luscious Italian wool to create these nesting bowls

Monogrammed Gifts.

This is a labour of love as it probably will take the longest. There are so many ways you can create something. Through embroidery hoops, felt, painting. Theres many great ways to create something special.

We still have a few in stock if you're loving what you're seeing below.

 Hope you found some new ideas. All products are available in our shop if you don't want to go down the craft route.

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