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3 Waldorf toys to start your child's collection

When investing on your child's toy collection, both Montessori and Waldorf methodologies talks about using natural materials. In today's mainstream world, you'll find many colorful, plastic, battery operated toys with a limited shelf life. At home we also believe we should have busy children and not busy toys.

In both classrooms and homes, you'll notice that many of the toys are wooden or made with other natural fibres such as wool, silk, glass. Now with wooden toys, the price can be quite the investment. When buying quality wooden toys, you want to find toys that are made from solid wood and FSC certified. What does that mean? The FSC labels provide you with an assurance that the product you are buying is made from from responsible sources and have been verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards. This is something that is important to us - especially after becoming a parent. 

So what toys should you get?

Building Blocks. So simple and open ended. In the early years these blocks allow your child to learn how to stack, knock them down - or even toss them down a ball run. As they grow older they can be used to build more structures, a part of small world play, pretend play or whatever they can think of. Counting, sorting. The possibilities are endless.

Wooden Figures. From people, animals, peg dolls. Perfect for imaginative play. If your child is still young, these animals make lovely decor in your childs room. As they get a bit older, you can engage with him by using the animals to reenact their favorite stories or to help them identify animals.

Rainbow Arch. A classic seen throughout many waldorf and montessori classrooms - and homes! Other than it's good looks, it's surprisingly open ended. There are a lot of other variations to this nesting toy, but the rainbow is basic shape you should start with. A child can learn how to stack, use process of elimination, match the colors with other toys, build, or use it as part of their daily play - is it a bridge? a fence? water fountain? 

Wooden Balls. Sorry did we say 3? Last but not least, our wooden balls are by far our mostly used toy. They pair greatly with the rainbow arch when making ball runs. We're hoping we can carry some in the store in the near future.

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