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Rainbow Dryer Ball, set of 3
rainbow dryer ball
Rainbow Dryer Ball (Assorted), Set of 1
Rainbow Dryer Ball (Assorted), Set of 1
Rainbow Dryer Ball (Assorted), Set of 1
Rainbow Dryer Ball (Assorted), Set of 1

Rainbow Dryer Ball (Assorted), Set of 1

J's Rainbows
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We love sustainable living!

After the arrival of baby J, we made the switch from fabric softeners and dryer sheets to using wool dryer balls as a way to naturally soften clothing, produce less waste, and save on drying time.

These wool dryer balls are made from new zealand wool and is hand finished with an assortment of rainbows. Please note that the rainbows are felted by hand so no two rainbows are exactly the same. The combination of colors may vary slightly but we try our best to ensure you get a good assortment when you purchase a set of 2 or greater.

These dryer balls also great gifts for a baby shower, first birthday, or for any adult who does laundry. Perfect for the eco-conscious mom.

Some questions you may have:

What is this used for?
This is mainly used to dry clothing in your drying machine. But due to it's round shape, they're also irresistible to little hands. So yes, they double up as toys! These dryer balls also pair well with our nesting stacking cups. It will fit the middle bowl of our "small" nesting bowls.

How many dryer balls do I need?

For smaller loads we recommend approximately 3 dryer balls.

For larger loads it's recommended to use 6 dryer balls. The more wool dryer balls you add to your dryer- the faster and softer your laundry results are.

How do I use these wool dryer balls?

It's very simple, just throw them in your dryer with your freshly washed clothing. We normally leave the balls in the dryer when J isn't playing with them.

What if I still want to add fragrance?

Some would recommend adding a few drops of essential oils to the wool balls. We personally leave them as-is.

Is this a Toy?

Sure! Little hands can't resist these balls. 

How many does this come with?

1 dryer ball. For larger quantities, please adjust during check out.