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Lil Peeps by J - Four Cheeky Monochrome Friends
Lil Peeps by J - Four Cheeky Monochrome Friends

Lil Peeps by J - Four Cheeky Monochrome Friends

J's Rainbows
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4 hand painted dolls.

Our peg dolls are custom made by a local Canadian woodworker made to our specifications using Canadian Maple. We used a non-toxic, water based paint that is made in USA and sealed the finish product with a mix of natural Canadian beeswax and linseed oil.

The dolls comes with a handmade cotton drawstring bag for storage and travel. Each of our drawstring bags are made from fabrics that are remnants from other projects. We do this to minimize waste while offering you a unique bag to store your toys. 

What makes our Lil' Peeps special

Each doll is lovingly made by hand. We partnered with a local Canadian woodworker who sources Canadian Maple from sustainable practices. The dolls are then turned on a wood lathe where they are carved and sanded by hand. Giving them all their own unique shape.

The dolls are then hand painted by our shop. Giving each doll their own cheeky appearances. 

Why no faces? We want to leave the dolls as open ended as possible. You'll notice some of our dolls appear gender neutral. The dolls can appear to be sleeping, awake, happy or sad. 

When your dolls arrive, they will be carefully packaged and stored in a drawstring bag inside a kraft bag. Whenever possible we reuse shipping packages to extend the life of product and to help minimize our footprint. We encourage you to save the packaging to do the same.

Measures approximately: 6.3 x 2.8 cm

Made in Canada. 

By purchasing this product you are supporting local Canadians. 

Recommended for ages 3 & up. Please regularly inspect your dolls and use adult supervision while playing with dolls. Although we use safe products, we don't recommend chewing on the toys as it may damage the paintwork. 

 Other toys not included.